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"There's a reason why DIY musicians are chasing down Corey Koehler to discover what he did to create the results he has. His passion for marketing, his go-and-do-it attitude, his relaxed yet professional demeanor... all of these things make him highly relatable and credible. If you follow Corey's advice and implement his strategies, you are sure to see your music career blossom. Not only that, but you'll actually be able to do it all in less time without taking away from your creativity!"

David Andrew Wiebe, The Music Entrepreneur

As a music marketer myself I feel like I know a lot about some of the most cutting edge online marketing strategies. When I speak with Corey I realise just how much I don't know. His depth of understanding of not only the tools and strategies but more importantly the psychology behind communicating a strong persuasive message is where his real strength is.

Brad Lazarus , GiggingSuccess.com